The Animated Opening of Sonic Mania Is Released

The SEGA supersonic hedgehog does not know what patience is and it does not matter that there are less than five days left for the launch ‘Sonic Mania’: you can see the opening scene of the game that is presented as the definitive tribute to the games Classic Sonic, and in no way will Tails and Knuckles be left out.

The animated opening was directed by Tyson Hesse (artist known for his work in Sonic comics) and includes a piece played by Hyper Potions. In fact, in addition to preserving the aesthetics of classic Sonic refers to the original covers of Japanese games, as well as several nods to the legendary opening of ‘Sonic CD’.

As a curiosity, we will see that its beginning is part of the trailer that was used to announce the release date and includes brush strokes of some of the worlds that we can see if we look inside the rings, as well as the design (and silhouettes) of Several of the enemies that will hit us in this new adventure.

‘Sonic Mania’ is the return of Sonic to its origins, recovering those levels so crazy, colorful and full of traps and loopings that we ran at supersonic speeds with the pixelated look that so good for the SEGA mascot.

Will it be the game that most tanned fans have been asking for for almost two decades? We will leave doubts starting next August 15, but this animation leaves some great sensations.

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