Announced The Development Of Attack On Titan 2 With Its First Trailer

The second season of the anime series of ‘Attack on Titan’ has just been released, making the story more and more interesting, although those who read the manga go considerably ahead with all the events, while the fans of the anime are Biting his nails to know what will happen next.

Koei Tecmo has now announced the development of its sequel, currently called ‘Attack on Titan 2’, in which it will be announced that it will be released in Japan. Will follow the story where it was and will be based on the second season in full.

In fact, if you have not seen it, the first trailer of this title contains some spoiler, so it is your responsibility to see it or not. Otherwise, Omega Force will return to be in front of this second part, so it is expected that the mechanics are exactly the same as we already knew.

Attack on Titan 2 is scheduled for 2018, without specifying the platforms that will welcome its arrival, but ‘Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom’ was available for PC, PS4 and PS Vita, so it would be normal to think That will be the systems, at least, that they will receive it.

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