Announced God’s Trigger, Techland’s New Action and Violence To Give and Take [GC 2017]

The Gamescom 2017 has only just begun and we already have a good batch of interesting ads and video games that have been seen for the first time. One of them is ‘God’s Trigger’, the new title being developed by Techland, the creators of ‘Dying Light’

For its images and its first trailer it is impossible not to think about ‘Hotline Miami’ to see it for having such a mechanic. Not only because of the aerial point of view, but also because of the violence and action so excessive in each one of its levels.

‘God’s Trigger’ will feature a cooperative multiplayer in which we will control Harry and Judi, a couple formed by an angel and a demon who at the same time are assassins and whose goal will be to try to end the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and Either with a clean sword with katanas or with the different firearms that are being collected.

If you catch the attention, then you should wait until early 2018 when it goes on sale on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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