Announced Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, a New Game For Virtual Reality

The Disney D23 event in Anaheim has left us with a few surprises as far as video games are concerned, with ads as important as the ‘Kingdom Hearts III‘ date or a new Star Wars: Battlefront II trailer, But the acclaimed space saga has also been present with another new game that responds to the name of ‘Star Wars: Jedi Challenges’.

This is a new title aimed at the augmented reality that Disney is developing in collaboration with Lenovo with a new device coming soon to the mobile devices and with which users can feel true Jedi warriors.

The video that accompanied the announcement is seen as a girl uses a device that will simulate that we are controlling a lightsaber, although no details have been released. What is certain is that Mike Goslin, Disney, has ensured that this game will allow everyone to live their favorite moments of ‘Star Wars’ like they have never done before.

Failing to know also when all this will be available, it seems that the way to use it will be really simple, since it will only suffice to download an application on our mobile phones, put them on glasses augmented reality and ready. In case you want to receive more information you can access the official website that has been opened dedicated to this future game.

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