Call of Duty WWII presents its Gold Edition, the new digital edition that adds the first expansion

The launch of ‘Call of Duty WWII’ has definitely not been perfect, but has continued the streak of Activision’s star license, and its robust sales reflect it, which are kept healthy thanks to new events, the sum of digital content or the recent free weekend. In fact, and without warning, Activision has just launched a new game edition.

Sledgehammer is more than willing to welcome new players a little over a week after the release of ‘Call of Duty Black Ops III’ through his newly launched ‘Call of Duty: WWII Gold Edition’. An issue in very to consider if we are trying to get us a digital copy of the game.

Starting from the essentials, this ‘Gold Edition’ is neither the ‘Digital Deluxe’ edition that adds the season pass for 99 euros, nor does it direct the saga towards the traditional ‘Game of the Year Edition’ in which they meet in A single disc all the DLCs and extras published. It basically adds two contents to the standard digital copy:

  • The first expansion ‘Call of Duty: WWII: The Resistance’
  • Extra content: 1100 points Call of Duty: WWII

A curious move, especially considering that ‘The War Machine’, the second DLC of ‘Call of Duty: WWII’ is already available on PS4 and its arrival on Xbox One and PC is imminent; but also because those who bet on the Season Pass are planning to receive two more DLCs with no date or theme announced.

We have seen the digital edition of ‘Call of Duty WWII’ below this price, although we must also consider that the two extra contents are valued at around 25 euros if they are purchased together. In addition, this Gold Edition can be purchased now on PS4 at a discounted price (49.99 euros) during the launch week.

Is it worth the game plus the first of the DLCs? Well, of course it expands the experience and it is an interesting surprise for those who do not have their copy, although perhaps their launch trailer helps to clear up doubts.

For its part, the roadmap confirmed for fans of the saga includes the official presentation of ‘Call of Duty Black Ops IIII’ on May 17, the first contact of Zombies mode along the E3 (we bet on the conference of Sony), and two new expansions for ‘Call of Duty WWII’ that will arrive during the next months and new events. With so much hustle and bustle, we’d better always have the rifle at hand.

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