Clash Royale, card guide: the best decks for the Royal Ghost

We return to the load with our guide of letters and, although there is still a week for the rest of mortals to get it, we wanted to advance to its launch with a list of the best decks for the Royal Ghost, probably one of the most original units that has released ‘Clash Royale’.

Despite his potential as a new Knight, it is not yet clear what gap he will occupy in the goal, so it would not be surprising that when the Royal Phantom reaches the chests in a few days, they will discover new decks and strategies to take advantage of their status. ghost, so if that happens, do not be surprised if we come back to him with a new guide.

Ghost Golem

The main trick of the Royal Phantom is its ability to avoid the aerial defense of Bats and Minions, which will pass by as if nothing were activated, so it is a great ally when it comes to protecting tanks.

The Hunter and the Tornado are our cheapest options to eliminate this type of troops and, thanks to the Elixir Collector, we can mount a good army on the other side of the bridge that approaches the Golem annihilating the units that come to pass.

Giant Ghost

By not activating until you meet an enemy, the Phantom can not serve as a tank, but its splash damage can be used to end small problems such as Skeletons. Anything to clear the way to the Prince who will come from behind to finish the job.

The rest of the troops and spells are focused on making that job a little easier, either with a Bat that cleans a frozen unit or with Poison and Discharge that clean large areas of enemies without ruffling. If there is any running around, we have the Electric Wizard to stop and distract.

Pekka Ghost

We close with a deck in which dismissal is everything, but we will have to play our cards very well so as not to uncover the cake before time. There is the elusive Real Ghost, the Miner and his ability to overcome enemy lines, the Pekka to put fear from behind and, of course, the Globe that nobody expects at the last moment.

Based on Discharge, Arrows and Electric Wizard, we will try to finish with everything that crosses between our evil plan and the rival’s tower, being the MegaSbirro the ideal troop to defend against possible attacks. The good news is that, if the situation gets out of control, all the troops can also serve as defense, especially the Pekka as a distraction or the final bomb of the Globe as a battalion of cleaning against possible hordes.

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