The Combat, Interface and Features Of Code Vein in an Extensive Gameplay of 17 minutes

Since E3 2017 we had not had a chance to see some new gameplay of ‘Code Vein’, but the guys from IGN have been lucky to try a demo that allowed them to show us a new gameplay of a total of 17 minutes.

Thanks to the video now we can observe better than ever its gameplay and above all its interface, something that had not been seen until now, with the bar of life of the protagonist or the different skills that can be selected when fighting the creatures enemies, including one that will drain your blood to increase the amount of damage they cause.

The combats certainly remind us of ‘Dark Souls’, with which resemble a great resemblance to its mechanics in which it will not be enough to attack and dodge at the right moments. It will also be possible to change weapons in the middle of a battle and gives the impression that our protagonist will be accompanied at all times by another character controlled by artificial intelligence.

As for the personalization of the hero you can modify their appearance, gender, physique, their face, voice and other details, although there will also be a good amount of them predefined to choose from the beginning. ‘Code Vein’ is being developed by the creators of ‘God Eater’ and its release is expected for 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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