The conflict between humans and androids in the new Detroit trailer: Become Human [TGS 2017]

The Sony Conference of the Tokyo Game Show 2017 has served to re-see some of the video games we already knew were in development for PlayStation 4 and one of them is ‘Detroit: Become Human’, the new Quantic Dream, the creators of ‘Heavy Rain’ or ‘Beyond: Two Souls’.

The trailer is in Japanese, but at least we can observe some of the cinematic we will witness during the game between the conflict between humans and androids, as they will seek to gain freedom, although all this will feature a great background narrative in which the decisions we make will change the story, to the point that the characters can die and it will be impossible to retract.

At the moment ‘Detroit: Become Human’ is still scheduled for 2018 and today still does not know the exact date on which will hit the PlayStation 4.

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