CR7 & The Stars of FIFA 18 Make Clear the Average They Deserve This Season

Continuing with the annual traditions, EA Sports has begun to reveal on the official website of the game the 100 best rated players of ‘FIFA 18’. Valuations based on your performances last season and will affect your skills during the game and the price of your cards in Ultimate Team mode. But this year the football stars want to comment on their average.

The latest trailer for ‘FIFA 18’ shows how Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann, Thomas Müller and Dele Alli receive feedback from football fans and even dare to speculate with the media that they should have their digital counterpoints, and some have very Clear which is the note that deserves.

The star-system of the ‘FIFA’ series is one of the keys to the experience: not only for the exclusivity of having the largest number of licenses as an added claim, but also for offering users several modes with which make your dream team – In fact, we will coincide in the dressing rooms with Ronaldo or Di Maria in the continuation of ‘El Camino’, the story mode that returns this season.

That is not to mention the timeless legends that we can sign to undermine the morale of our online rivals during the loading screen. And it is that for millions of fans of the saga there does not exist a sensation comparable to the appearance of a superstar in an envelope of Ultimate Team.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo deserve the average he says in the trailer? What is clear is that his assessment this year will be interesting to be the standard bearer of the saga. The top officials of Sport King will again measure their skills in ‘FIFA 18’ from September 29 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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