Dead Rising 4 Release for PS4: Frank Returns With DLCs and With a New Mode

‘If you’ve been away for a long time, you’re always good at taking gifts to your friends.’ These are the words that Frank West puts forward two big commercials in the latest trailer for ‘Dead Rising’: next December ‘Dead Rising 4’ will hit PS4 and will be full of content.

Although the third installment of the saga remains exclusive to Xbox One and PC, Frank’s return in the so-called ‘Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package’ will delight PS4 users: input all content, expansions, DLC packs and bonus costumes (including Street Fighter costumes) are included in the batch. But, in addition, in this edition will be new material to take the glove.

However, the biggest appeal is the new mode announced: ‘Capcom Heroes’ will allow us to disguise ourselves as the most beloved characters of the Megaman company and access all kinds of quaint skills, combat techniques and even iconic weapons … and put them against legions of Zombies.

Frank Sinclair’s “Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package” will be available in physical and digital from December 5, shortly before Christmas and practically a year after its departure on Xbox One .

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