The Demo of Sonic 2 HD in Front of the MegaDrive Classic

The first time we talked about ‘Sonic 2 HD’ at Gamer Insiders was almost 10 years ago: despite SEGA’s constant re-editing of its MegaDrive classics, a group of fans dared to reimagine the classic in high definition: new sprites, more animations, scenarios much more elaborate and totally faithful to the originals … The best game of ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ deserved that and more.

In 2012 Jarkendia gave the bad news: the initiative had been canceled, although that was the germ for SEGA and those responsible for the project turned on the recently released ‘Sonic Mania’. Five years later, ‘Sonic 2 HD’ gets a new boost and it is possible to test an advance with some of the first levels.

Precisely for this reason, Digital Foundry has developed a new comparison between the game of 1993 and this project in development, and our first conclusion is that, although the sprites have a special charm, this new version again demonstrates that the blue hedgehog improves with the age and support of their fans.

‘Sonic 2 HD’ was one of the biggest claims of the Sonic Amateurs Game Expo 2017, an online convention that was held last weekend in which fans and developers share initiatives and experiences featuring the SEGA mascot created by themselves or do homage to the official games, and that joined the responsible of the own ‘Sonic Mania’.

In Digital Foundry’s analysis you can see how improvements have been included at all levels and not only in the visual: the transition between scenarios is much cleaner and even small variations have been added in the soundtrack when starting a new act. In addition, several errors of the original have been corrected and the backgrounds have won little animations. Every detail counts. Now, as stated, this developing version includes some lag in the gameplay response.

In fact, each drawing and animation has been recreated in an artisan way, making it clear that, as with ‘Sonic Mania‘ – and unlike the two episodes of ‘Sonic 4’-, this project gets us to meet again with that Sonic which conquered us more than a quarter of a century ago.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 is back too

But Sonic 2 HD has played a major role with another game that has caught us a lot more unprepared: ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’, that unfortunate reboot of the saga that the Sonic Team launched in 2006, is being developed again by fans through of the Unity engine. Something you can see in the Digital Foundry video or under these lines.

That project had numerous stumbles during its development, including Yuji Naka’s departure from the studio, although the unbearable loading times and the countless glitches left an indelible mark on the legacy of the SEGA mascot, evidencing an obvious problem: the Sonic Team had not adapted well to the game in open scenarios.

Although it brings several of the shortcomings of the original, the technical result is much more grateful: the textures have been improved, a lot of bugs have been corrected and its little gratefulness has been improved. However, this is a project under development by fans, which is far from perfect, and there are even specific points where the original is more fluid.

Of course, the fact that not so many problems does not make it a more interesting game proposal, but rather makes the games much easier.

Sonic will return next month with its next official game: ‘Sonic Forces‘ will be the SEGA homage to the 25 years of the blue hedgehog allowing us to play with the classic and modern versions of the supersonic hero as well as a new protagonist that we can design to taste.

On paper, what is shown is convincing. For now we are content with no excuses for fans to appear their fan-made remake at the Sonic Amateurs Game Expo 2018.

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