This Is The Destiny 2 Trailer That We Needed to See

destiny 2 patch

We have lost count of the number of trailers and breakthroughs that Bungie has been showing to warm up the atmosphere for the release of ‘Destiny 2’, but the last one of the presented ones surpasses all: action to espuertas, images of real action, a Adrenaline terrifyingly adorable and ‘Sabotage’ of the Beastie Boys playing in the background. How to improve that?

Once again, the Cayde-6 rogue will be responsible for motivating us to go to battle and save what is left of the planet while reminding us all of what is worth living … and those succulent booties that we wait in this new adventure.

As expected, Activision does not give you a wireless stitch: the video coincides with the end of the beta of the PC game, but also with the final countdown so that the sequel to ‘Destiny’ reaches the desks of Microsoft and Sony. Within a week starts the biggest project of Bungie and one of the unquestionable titles of 2017.

‘Destiny 2’ will be available on September 6 on Xbox One and PS4 and from October 24 the saga will debut on desks.

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