Detective Pikachu will finally arrive in Europe in March and will do so along with a giant amiibo

This week we wonder what video games could end up coming to Nintendo 3DS throughout this year, because the president of Nintendo said they would continue to pay attention to the laptop with new features. Now we know what will be one of the first that will arrive, which was already being said by the way, and will be ‘Detective Pikachu’.

The title in question was published with its first chapter about two years ago in Japan and since then Nintendo has never talked about its intention to publish it in the West. However, the novelty is that the game we will receive will include the first and a new second part in the same pack.

In Japan this second episode will also be available separately and in both we will see how the mythical electric Pokémon will temporarily abandon the fights to demonstrate its ability to solve cases. Of course, it will not be any Pikachu, since it will wear a suit similar to Sherlock Holmes and above will talk !.

Players must collect evidence and complete puzzles to solve the mysteries that will be found. In addition, the game will be distributed along with an amiibo of this Pikachu Detective that will be characterized by being much larger than a normal amiibo and will serve to see any of the cinematics, called Pikachu Moments, of the cases that are resolved.
Detective Pikachu Amiibo

As it seems ‘Detective Pikachu’ will end up coming here with the voices in English and the subtitles in Spanish, but the important thing is that at least we will end up seeing them in stores and it will be next March 23 when it will be available for Nintendo 3DS.

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