Disney Wants To Make a Movie of ‘Kingdom Hearts’

Disney is slowly conquering the world of film and television. Recall that his are already Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm, but also that just a few days ago announced his plan to launch their own streaming platform. He has an insatiable hunger and is always looking for opportunities to keep growing. One of the projects he is most gravely valued is to make a film based on ‘Kingdom Hearts’, the popular video game franchise of Square Enix.

The franchise ‘Kingdom Hearts’ started in 2002 and since then all games in the same compute sales of more than 22 million copies. A very profitable business fruit of uniting the universes of Final Fantasy and Disney, so it is imperative that the company has the support of Square Enix to get it ahead. In fact, it is Disney that is more interested in doing it according to clarifies Tetsuya Nomura, creator and director of the game:

We have 15 years of history, so there have been talks about doing some kind of film piece, especially since Disney. They are interested in making a computer animated film of some kind, but it is difficult to make the decision about how we are going to execute it and what form we are going to give it.

The truth is that this is not the first time trying to get ahead an adaptation of the universe of ‘Kingdom Hearts’, because at the time was already running a television version that finally was nothing. From the same came to filter several storyboards, so in this case is not one of those rumors that are acquiring the degree of reality over time.

Now it only remains to see when Disney and Square Enix will reach an agreement to make the film, since I doubt that the American company ceases in their efforts. What I do not have very clear is that it is a good idea to make a film instead of a series, but of course, on paper there is more money to win in a production for the big screen than in one for the small …

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