Double Ration of Nostalgia in the Release Trailer of Pokémon Gold Edition and Pokémon Silver Edition

While the first generation of Pokémon games is – unquestionably – the most iconic, for many users, the best games in the entire series were ‘Pokémon Gold Edition’ and ‘Pokémon Silver Edition’. The motives? : in addition to adding 100 new Pokémon to those already seen, it included two regions, the possibility of breeding Pokémon and, if we were lucky, we could even do for the first time with a very rare example of Pokémon.

A set of sensations – and reunions – that we can revive or experience for the first time in Nintendo 3DS with the digital reissues that will arrive at the Virtual Console this Friday. Of course, to warm the atmosphere, Nintendo has prepared a launch trailer that will start a smile (or two) more than a tanned coach.

Professor Elm will put us in the throes of having to choose between Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita, we will tour some of the cities, forests and subterranean grottos of Johto starting from Pueblo Primavera measuring the skills of our Pokémon throughout this new region , and with enough Pokéballs, the right equipment and some luck, we will have the opportunity to become one of the legendary majors who preside over the covers.

Of course, not having a console will be no problem. Coinciding with the launch of ‘Ultrasol Pokémon’ and ‘Ultraluna Pokémon’, will be released a new edition of New Nintendo 2DS XL inspired by the appearance of PokéBalls. In addition, if we only want to have a “physical” copy of the game by collecting, Nintendo will re-issue boxes with the look of the original games that include the game download code.

‘Pokémon Edition Gold’ and ‘Pokémon Edition Silver’ will be available from September 22, but will not be the only game featuring the pocket monster Nintendo to reach stores and eSHop: Pikachu and company will debut in Switch with ‘Pokkén Tournament DX’ on the same day. Get ready for a weekend of real yellow fever.

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