Dragon Ball FighterZ: more than 20 minutes of gameplay of its different game modes and the techniques of Gohan Adult and Hit

A little more than a month after the release of ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’, it is noticeable that less and less is needed for the expected fight videogame based on the acclaimed work of Akira Toriyama to be released. That is why Bandai Namco wanted to highlight some of the latest characters confirmed with new gameplay that review some of their most outstanding movements.

So we have Gohan in his adult form showing that thanks to the potential he has achieved, he does not need to transform into Super Saiyan to deliver some of his strongest and most rapid blows, unless he is going to perform the Kamehameha, in which Yes, it will be transformed and it will also have the support of his brother Goten to help him execute a more lethal impact.

The second of these gameplay focuses on Hit and, like the previous one, shows us the best combos of this powerful character that appeared for the first time ‘Dragon Ball Super’, displaying some movements with which it is able to stop the time for Use it to your advantage or perform a counterattack if you manage to cover yourself at the right time.

With respect to the third and last of these gameplay corresponds to a retransmission carried out Bandai Namco this week. In it we are left with a small part of the story mode and the arcade mode and a few combats between several of the characters we already knew and those who have been recently presented.

Of course, in this video we can highlight several details, such as the fact that there will be more than ten scenarios, the life of the enemies of the story mode will be seen with numbers, we can remove all the elements of the interface to make it clearer and that everything we see is more spectacular and we can also briefly see what the map of the arcade and story modes looks like.

On January 26 will go on sale at last ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ and a few days before, from 14 to 15 January, we can enjoy an open beta for everyone in which we hope they are available to select all confirmed characters till the date.

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