Dragon Ball Fighter Z: All Special Moves & How to Execute Them

It took three decades and a year to announce the game of ‘Dragon Ball’ that will please even the fan most fussy, and that in Gamer Insiders we have seen how Son Goku and company have performed all sorts of playable oddities. Now, ‘Dragon Ball Fighte Z’ is totally faithful to the original material, yes; But also a game of frantic fighting and very deep mechanics.

Arc System Works will feature a game system that will remind you to  ‘Guilty Gear Xrd’ and ‘Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 ‘, and that means that – as opposed to’ Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden ‘and the vast majority of Dragon Ball games – each fighter will be adjusted to offer a unique and competitive experience. In fact, with this video you can see what each character offers.

Prepared by Vesper Arcade, we can see how the button system offers three attack variants and a button dedicated to special attacks, which we must combine with the classic quarter turn inputs to a certain direction (like hadouken), although we will see interesting variables As a surprise Freezer attack that is executed by performing twice down and the special button; Or a very promising Vegeta divekick that runs keeping diagonal down / forward.

There will be attacks that consume a level of charge and we can even improve or adapt some (Son Goku’s Kamehameha can be redirected while it is launched), and even some can be transformed in the middle of the combat (for now only Freezer to Golden Freezer, although Goku reaches the State Super Saiyan 3), but those who get to put against the ropes to our enemies will be the movements that will consume 3 levels. To execute them we must make the appropriate sequence and press the buttons of … Dragon Rush and Super Dash?

Much more than pounding buttons: squeezing to the max the Dragon Warriors

When reviewing the inputs it is necessary to take into account two factors: in addition to the four main buttons we will have two extra buttons dedicated to Dragon Rush (an assault that will lead to a series of accurate blows) and Super Dash (which will allow us to approach To the enemy of direct way, ideal to extend combos).

Now we will also find combinations like the Sparking Blast (the buttons of Dragon Rush and Super Dash at once), which will unlock once per round all our potential for a limited time. This Sparking Blast can be seen in the symbol under the health bar and is a card that can serve to turn any combat either to dispatch one or two enemies just at the beginning of the fight, to try the impossible with our last Character in play

The changes and assists are made just like in the series Vs. of Capcom: if we press a dedicated button, one of the characters in reserve will jump to the stage making its characteristic attack, while if we keep it pressed will take over the one we are using, And even we can disappear and position behind our enemy as expected from any game inspired by Dragon Ball, yes, at the price of an energy bar (which we can recover attacking or recharging attacking while pressing loose attack and special attack) .

A new ration of tributes to the delight of Dragon Ball fans

Unfortunately, in the video edited by Vesper Arcade were left out of the cut Super Movements Son Gohan, but in VidaExtra we have found the perfect solution. The channel of IKevinX has added a new video with all the references that makes this version of Saiyan peace-loving to its counterpoint in manga and Anime.

And already entered in matter we took advantage to include the references of the proud prince of the saiyans. A character that will delight those capable of expressing aerial combat and movements at close range, but with tricks very effective to keep the enemy at bay.

With Trunks as a confirmed character and a little more than half a year to learn new details, fighters and surprises, ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ is positioned as the ultimate experience of ‘Dragon Ball’, especially now that the Saiyans seem to be living a second youth thanks To the movies and the new series of Anime.

Will we see any guest of the Force Tournament just beginning in ‘Dragon Ball Super’? In early 2018 we will find out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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