Dragon Ball FighterZ Confirms The Latest Characters, Story Mode and Date [GC 2017]

With the information of ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ appeared a few days ago in the magazine Jump was expected sooner or later Bandai Namco publish a new trailer verifying all that data and so it has happened in the Gamescom 2017, where he has shown the most impressive trailer Of the game to date.

Going in order with all that has been seen in him, Piccolo and Krillin are finally finally in action, who were officially revealed a few weeks ago. Thus we see Goku’s best friend using techniques like Kakusadan or Kienzan (also known as the destructor disk), while Piccolo will naturally use the Makankōsappō to kill his opponents.

The following characters to be confirmed are Android Nº16 and Android Nº18. The curious thing about this last one is that the Android Nº17 will make an appearance also but it is seen that only when it makes some attacks in concrete, like a personage of constant support. For its part, the biggest of the androids will use the techniques with which it removes its arms so that they shoot out or to execute a great cannon of energy.

Of course it goes without saying that those who have seen the anime or have read the manga will remember perfectly the most techniques and movements of the characters that appear in the trailer, in which we can also observe that the City of the West or the quadrilateral Cell will be Some of the scenarios that will add to those we already knew.

Then the trailer has presented what seems to be the story mode of the game, about which Jump magazine already anticipated that it would be an alternative story in which Android No. 16 was resurrected to end the Super Saiyan. In the brief sequences that appear we can see an army format by a multitude of characters identical to Goku, Vegeta, Krilin and Piccolo wanting to wreak havoc, in addition to parading other characters, including Bulma.

The trailer ends with another great news and is that ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ will go on sale in February 2018, failing to specify the exact day, and those who reserve it will take in return the early release of two characters that, for What you see in the video, it seems to be Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue, something that was also revealed days ago, and also two exclusive lobby avatars.

Finally, and not least, ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ will feature a fantastic collector’s edition which includes a copy of the game, three art images, a metal box to save the game, a Goku diorama of 18cm with surprising quality and a special box containing all these elements.

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