Dragon Ball FighterZ: All supers, Opening Scenes and Closures of New Fighters [GC 2017]

The expectations that are generating ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ are huge, but it must be recognized that Arc System Works is doing what fans have been asking for decades: a game 100% true to the original work and with a game system as deep as spectacular . Something that is reflected in every attack and animation of the Dragon Warriors.

With the new batch of wrestlers shown in motion in the Gamescom come new animations and cinematic that become motifs to celebrate the development of this game. Some of these have already been reviewed in detail in VidaExtra and others have caught us completely by surprise. And under these lines you can see them in all their splendor.

From the outset you can see that among the five new fighters there is a greater contrast of personalities, and that means that some introductions will have a more casual cut and others a much more aggressive tone.

Unlike the first demo, this time we will see how some characters share a leading role with the rest of their team in their opening cinematic, as with A16, Vegeta or Krillin. And speaking of the latter, Son Goku’s best friend brings out the cool style of humor of Master Toriyama in his introductory scene.

Of course, that contrast between fighters is also reflected in techniques that, when compared with the initial six offer a greater variety of possibilities. Something that is evident in Supers that are not limited to emanating energy cannons and now add elements such as grabs, bursts of energy or even combined assaults.

In fact, the character of A18 has two special assaults that runs with his brother A17 and with Krilin, evoking one of the most recent joint attacks seen in ‘Dragon Ball Super’.

Dragon Ball FighterZ‘ will be available from February 2018 and by the middle of next month will begin its beta on Xbox One and PS4 that is already possible to register. Have not you done it yet? In VidaExtra we tell you all the steps necessary to sign up.

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