Dragon Ball FighterZ will add new cinematics with the arrival of Broly and Bardock. Here you have them all

One of the most grateful details of ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ are the Dramatic Finishers, some very special cinematics that are executed at the end of our combat in specific circumstances. And the imminent arrival of the two new fighters will include no less than three new scenes.

‘The Duel Bursts’ and ‘The Last Combat’, the feature films debuted by Broly and Bardock respectively, are two of the most memorable films of ‘Dragon Ball Z’, giving the fans scenes that remain in the retina until the today. Scenes that we can activate by replicating the appropriate encounters in the Arc System Works game.

Now, we will not have to wait until tomorrow to discover them: the new trailer offered from Bandai Namco focuses on these two new saiyans, giving prominence to three of the most glorious scenes of manganime.

In fact, the most observers will find in this trailer the elements with which to activate these cinematics, matching the fighters and key scenarios. Although, it will not be too much of a mystery for the older fans of Son Goku and company.

As an additional addition, we have also included a third animation taken from ‘The Return of Broly’ in which we will witness one of the most iconic attacks of the series: the Triple Kame Hame Ha. Whenever we manage to survive this uncontrolled beast, of course.

The arrival of Bardock and Broly is scheduled for March 28 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC along with their avatars for the lobby, five unlocked alternative colors and their own stamp, and can be purchased separately or through the FighterZ Pass that will add 6 wrestlers to announce. Of course, those who bet on the editions FighterZ and Ultimate will receive it without additional cost.

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