Dragon Ball Legends: all character cards confirmed to date

Bandai Namco continues to expand the legacy of Son Goku and company and its new proposal goes through mobile devices. ‘Dragon Ball Legends’, the promising team-fighting game, continues its testing phase for those players who signed up on the web, gathering essential wrestlers and new Toriyama creations. Now, we put face to their protagonists.

The magazine V-Jump usually offers inside information about the games of ‘Dragon Ball’ – and the rest of the publications of the Shonen Jump – and its latest issue has offered a more than interesting advance of what we can expect from ‘Dragon Ball’ Legends’: game mechanics, reserve bonuses and, most interestingly, what character cards will be available from the beginning.

And yes, we will alternate essential characters of all the times of the manganime, new protagonists created for the occasion and the most devastating enemies of the movies.

However, there is a detail that is not included in the publication or on the web and that does not go unnoticed: some of the cards in the game have special effects that mimic traditional letters with holograms, showing effects and variations according to the inclination of our mobile . A true genius.

For its part, the reserves of the game continue to guarantee extra content for those who make the registration. Currently there are more than 3 million players who have booked the game from iOS and Android and that implies two cards (from Goku and Freezer) a suit like the one that Goku has inspired on the Turtle Goblin uniform and hundreds of Crono Crystals, the consumables of the game.

However the most interesting thing about this four-page preview is that the character cards that will be part of this game are shown. There are different oddities (Hero, Extreme and Sparking) and abilities that will give them an advantage over others, covering -for the moment- three story arcs of ‘Dragon Ball’: the original adventure, the saiyans saga and the Freezer saga .

Two of the cards you have on these lines (Krillin and Tao Pai Pai) the rest, along with their skills and statistics translated into English from Shonengamez, you can see below.

Of course, as we said at the beginning, we will also see new characters: Shallot will be the hero of this adventure, a saiyan created for the occasion by the very Akira Toriyama who will wear the original armor of the terrible warriors of space.

Next to it, there will be two mysterious figures: Sacher and the man in the hood, who bears a curious resemblance to Shallot. Your assignment? Set the story mode, one of the three that will offer the game from the beginning along with a mode of events and a much needed PvP mode that will face players from around the world.

The launch of ‘Dragon Ball Legends’ is scheduled for June 14 on iOS and Android, being possible to reserve it from digital stores. Of course, if you want to test your current version, just go through the web, register and cross your fingers to be part of the next round of participants. Although if you manage to collect the seven Dragon Balls you will not need to cross your fingers.

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