Dragon Ball Z: X KeeperZ, the game for navigators of the saga, shows us how their matches will be in a new trailer

The hype that has left us ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ still lasts a month after its release and Bandai Namco continues to promote the next installment of the popular anime and manga series of Akira Toriyama, which in this case will be aimed at PC browsers with the name of ‘Dragon Ball Z: X KeeperZ’.

The title in question was already presented last month and now we have the opportunity to see it in more detail with this new video loaded with gameplay. In it he presents us with exciting four-on-four battles that we will carry out among the most popular characters from the beginning of the series until we reach the first Freezer sagas in ‘Dragon Ball Z’.

The mechanics of the combats will be as simple as clicking with the mouse on the attacks to be used. This way they will be able to produce some really devastating combinations to finish off the opposing team, among which, as is to be expected, the most emblematic techniques of Goku, Krillin, Piccolo and the others will not be lacking.

Its premiere has only been confirmed for Japan sometime this spring. Everyone interested in participating in the game can access the registration page by clicking here, although it should be noted that to enjoy ‘Dragon Ball Z: X KeeperZ’ is essential to do so from the Yahoo game service !. We will cross our fingers so they do not forget the West in the face of their future launch

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