Dynasty Warriors 9 invites us to watch their spectacular combats in a total of ten new gameplay

One of the most important details of ‘Dynasty Warriors 9’ that was announced at the time it was announced is the fact that you can select more than 80 different characters, among which there will be many familiar faces of the saga and others who will join the action for the first time.

In order to promote the game as much as possible, Koei Tecmo invites us to watch a series of several gameplay dedicated individually to some of the characters we can select. In total they are nothing more and nothing less than ten gameplay centered on Bao Sanniang, Jiang Wei, Jia Xu, Ling Tong, Sima Shi, Xiaoqiao, Xun Yu, Zhang Jue, Zhou Cang, Zhou Tai.

In all of them we can look at each one’s abilities when confronting the dozens of enemies or the special blows they will have, besides not all the weapons will execute the same attacks, being able to use canes, swords, daggers, spears and even fans, among many more.

We recall that recently Koei Tecmo confirmed that ‘Dynasty Warriors 9’ will go on sale worldwide in February and here in Europe we will receive it on February 13 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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