Here is the explosive opening of Dragon Ball FighterZ

Arc System Works knows very well how to make spectacular openings. It shows with each new installment of the series ‘Guilty Gear’ and has done again with the ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’.

Bandai Namco has shown the cinematic opening scene of his next big title, condensing in just one minute what the fans want to see: a spectacular in-game aspect, a formidable selection of fighters and lots of explosions and energy cannons at a rate especially intense. Something you can see under these lines.

An opening that suggests that the initial selection of fighters of ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ is made, and the game it gives is spectacular: from the saga of the arrival of the Saiyans that could be seen at the beginning of ‘Dragon Ball Z’ with Nappa and the Saibamen until the Trunks arc of the future seen in ‘Dragon Ball Super’ with Goku Black putting the brooch.

Now, that does not mean there are no surprises: at first the super saiyan blue versions of Goku and Vegeta are conformed in the game, although those who do not make the reservation will have to unblock them. On the other hand it remains in the air if the Android nº 21, which was created with supervision of Toriyama for this game, will join the panel of fighters.

Moreover, in the opening you can see some sequences related to the stories included in the game: ‘Dragon Ball, FighterZ’ promises three original plots starring the Dragon Warriors, the Android No. 18 and the Freezer himself.

Without forgetting, of course, that Arc System Works will include special cinematics that will be activated in certain circumstances, allowing us to relive the most iconic moments of the anime taking advantage of the spectacular finish of the fighters.

The best game of Son Goku and company? As of January 13, 2018 we will have it clearer with your new beta. But the final verdict of fans and fans of fighting games will be on January 26, date on which ‘Dragon Ball, FighterZ’ will be available on the Xbox One, PS4 and PCs in Spain and America.

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