Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest will celebrate their 30th anniversary Together

Known in the West as ‘Fortune Street’ or ‘Fortune District’ in Spanish territory, the ‘Itadaki Street’ saga began initially as a mini-game of ‘Dragon Quest III’, launched in 1991 as an independent title for the NES (or rather, the Famicom). Curiously, that picturesque Japanese version of Monopoly will serve to celebrate the three decades of ‘Dragon Quest’ … and Final Fantasy!

With the most illustrative name of ‘Itadaki Street: Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary’ Square Enix proposes a game of boxes and dice in which real estate speculation and the universes of the biggest sagas of RPGs of Japan will meet with A goal: to get us in control of all the board’s properties and ruin our enemies.

The announcement of the game itself is not, in itself, a novelty. In fact, last January it was indicated that for the fourth time both licenses would again coincide in the saga including characters from ‘Final Fantasy XV’.

In fact, the selection of personalities of this new delivery will be especially interesting if we consider that it will be the game with which the strongest licenses of Square and Enix will celebrate their 30 years (although technically the anniversary of ‘Dragon Quest’ took place last year).

It is not the first time that the characters of Final Fantasy adapt to the rules of the Monopoly. Moreover, the ‘Itadaki Street’ saga itself had three crossovers between the two licenses that came out on PS2, PSP and mobile devices, but we can not forget the licensed version of the real table game inspired by ‘Final Fantasy VII’.

Now, the mechanics and appearance of ‘Itadaki Street’ make it a really fun Party Game, and it is beyond doubt that fans of both licenses will find plenty of reasons to bet on this version of PS4 and PS Vita. And for sample, here you have a good ration of gameplay.

As a curiosity, the latest edition edited on consoles served for the heroes of ‘Dragon Quest’ and Nintendo superstars share board on Wii.

Now, it must be admitted that – despite the fact that its game system hardly includes novelties regarding the monopoly – the charisma of the characters is an essential part of the proposal, and the appearance of Cloud, Lightning, Angelo or Jessica in the trailer Is a further incentive. And seeing how the evil Sephiroth adjust your accounts with the cloud has always been a spectacle.

‘Itadaki Street: Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary’ will be available on PS4 and PS Vita from October 19 on the Japanese market. Will we celebrate with ” Itadaki Street ” the 30 years of both licenses in the old continent this year?

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