Final Fantasy IX Remaster: Nine Reasons to Celebrate The Release and Dream Of The Remake

Nostalgia, that huge titan that will haunt us all our lives, has taken over our portfolio in the last years of the training industry. Whether it’s called SNES Mini, Remake HD, unnecessary sequel or Exclusive Refrito, the truth is that big companies have found a goldmine in that of reselling old proposals. It comes cheap and we fall mercilessly.

Submerged in Tokyo Game Show 2017, Square Enix have opted to continue stretching the chewing gum, and not with anything: ‘Final Fantasy IX’ returns to Playstation as a remaster to shine with the force that did it almost 20 years ago.

Great characters, an unforgettable story, a prized universe with a care. At VidaExtra we can not be more enthusiastic. This profitable step may become the first step to something much bigger, more succulent. So for that, and with the illusion overflowing (not for less), we raised nine reasons to celebrate the landing of the remaster on PS4.

Touch to cross your fingers, look at the sky and pray to Matsuda. The story of ‘Final Fantasy IX’ is too appetizing to settle for a simple remaster.

The best Final Fantasy to date

In VidaExtra there are many fans of the saga at the expert level. This one who writes to you without going further has drunk them delighted one after another and considers the ninth installment as the roundest work of Square. A little more than a year ago we decided to make the definitive list with the best games of the saga and the gold medal was finished taking the IX deservedly. But if our opinion is not worth to underline the idea, we have an ace up our sleeve.

The very creator of the saga, Hironobu Sakaguchi, dared to confirm it between laughs and notes a few months ago with the invaluable push of ProZD (genius undervalued).

Ads without waiting, immediate purchase

The truth is that buying back a game you already have is not very smart. Recall that it came out a year ago on Steam (even some purchased it for Android), so as far as rehash, this already smells burned.

Square Enix was very aware of it and has proposed to make the port profitable as we feared: under the law of minimum effort and an excessive price, but neither with those we have been able to avoid the purchase. The unusual “Now available” sounds too tempting given the caliber of this Final Fantasy, so we should not feel bad about falling into marketing networks.

They have sold it well and fast. With such a combo we could do little.

Looking for challenges? Hardcore trophies are coming

Do you want to jump rope and lose your sanity along the way? Let’s start spinning that, demon girl.

Get the Excalibur II, jump 1000 times to jump, defeat Ozma, get four lunar stones. The level of demand to rise with Platinum is such a huge investment of time that some already give up (still more considering the amount of games that are to come).

Yes, giving a thousand consecutive jumps can make you burst inside, but who said fear? Now that the games facilitate things with too much benevolence always comes a hardcore touch to get fit with guarantees. After this there will be no ‘Dark Souls’ to resist.

Let us know in advance if you are planning to arrive at the platinum, we will assemble a guateque and we will hang your photo card in the office on the golden sign: “Jugon with a lot of free time”.

An unforgettable legend

To talk about ‘Final Fantasy IX’ is to make it one of the most rewarding experiences of the last decade. Playstation can boast of having a giant narrative to which very few games make shadow. And that, for a pre-teenager who in 2000 dreamed of being a trainer Pokémon was a creative explosion so tremendous that the shock wave keeps staggering (see the tone of the article).

Embarking on the adventure directed by Hiroyuki Itō carries an especially high magic component intrinsically, so do not be surprised if you end up crying while laughing out loud. There is charm, there is light, there is darkness, there is loneliness, hope and a deep sense of true friendship. The basic ingredients to elevate a video game to the timeless art stadium.

Vivi, Steiner, Garnet and Yitán, characters for the story

A friend recently told me the importance of the characters for a story with depth. That debate was short-lived: of course, the characters are a vital part of the plot engine. They are the color of the plot and in the ninth installment of Final Fantasy we are before one of the best cast of the saga.

Yitan has it all to be the endearing and positive hero that some wish to have as a reference in childhood. Struggling for the well-being of others, valuing time with friends and love for small details. So much the same with the most enticing (and melancholy) witch of the Square Enix faction: Viví is the essence of Final Fantasy IX, whatever they say and despite who it weighs.

The gentleman and lout Steiner takes the comic charge of blows and misfortunes necessary to relax intensities. You will hate him and love him equally. And Princess Garnet (or Daga); will become your ideal woman.

This quartet may not be the most shocking in the history of video games, but one that will know to take advantage of its virtues to find a hollow of honor in our saturated player heart. A part of me grew up with them, and that’s something I’m extremely proud of.

The Tetra Master returns

That more than one keeps in his memory card hundreds of hours after surpassing the fourth disc is understandable. This curious card hobby born of the brilliant Triple Triad of ‘Final Fantasy VIII’ gave us one of the most addictive ‘in-game’ games in history.

Yes, Tetra Master worked at outstanding levels. So much, that today maintains with freshness all the good of his fast games. If we add the difficult mission of collecting all the cards to exploit our collector side we have a jewel of entertainment waiting to restart engines.

Square Enix still looking forward to FFIX

From the company they are aware of the interest of the community. The brand ‘Final Fantasy IX’, in addition to being respected to the level it deserves, is a future mine from which to extract the same revenue obtained with ‘Final Fantasy VII’. Although it is true that the iconic character of Cloud plays very in his favor.

Be that as it may, we are still waiting for Square to decide to take the final step and confirm an absolute dedication to Yitan’s adventure. We are hopeful, of course, but we are also realistic. In the offices of Matsuda they do not give supply lately with so much game in the furnace.
The last obstacle to his expected remake


Why not? With ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ just around the corner and ‘Final Fantasy VII’ proposing an episodic future that will leave a lot of pasta in the coffers of the company, it is not at all crazy to think about the remake of the ninth game of the saga.

I dreamed a moment with Alexandria at 4K, with its streets, its inhabitants and its taverns; in the tremendous of battles filled with Piro + and Ice ++; in the sensation of taking to Steiner in trance with the realism seen in the remake. It’s too nice to miss, friends, and I’m getting so high that I even play the date: first half of 2021.

We are very tired of seeing revitalized franchises with graphic potatoes, but what do you want me to tell you. What promises the story of Cloud mola, and re-feeling the experience of ‘Final Fantasy IX’ with a stunning level of detail is all that my inner fanaticism needs.

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