The First Trailer of Army of the Dead, the Zombie Mode of Call of Duty WWII

Activision already anticipated that the zombie mode of Call of Duty WWII would be a new version more macabre and twisted compared to the seen until now, and we will not have to wait until the 20 of July to take the word to the study Sledgehammer: throughout the Today has leaked the trailer for ‘Army of the Dead’ … and you can see it.

For now, forget about the casual and colorful air of the latest installments and expect to see more explicit scenes and the tonic of first-person horror games today. Of course, the historical rigor may shine by its absence, but the spectacular will remain a constant in this mode.

In fact, Michael Condrey of Sledgehammer himself has made official the leak, although indicates that they are still working on the final version of it.

For their part, from the development study itself we are placed to the date already announced, promising us that it will be worth the wait.

It is more than likely that in the Comic-Con of Sandiego we find new scenes and a better edition, although definitely the surprise factor has become volatilized. However, the new direction has been quite clear. What do you think about the change of direction of the zombie mode?

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