Funko Announces Figures Based on Cuphead

Funko further expands his collection of videogame-inspired vinyl figures with three very lively additions: Cuphead, Mugman and The Devil from the recently released ‘Cuphead’.

Coinciding with the release of StudioMDHR’s crazy Run and Gun, Funko has announced four bundles in which the main characters of the adventure that evokes the classic cartoons from the beginning of the last century come to life. And although its appearance does not have too many details, it can not be denied that they radiate charisma.

Cuphead and Mugman

The protagonists of the adventure are represented by two figures of four inches of height realized in vinyl. Each with its own expression and although they share pose, both complement each other.

The Devil

On the other hand, the villain on duty (although he was actually claiming a debt) would be represented by a 6-inch figure. It will have a base on which its infernal flames will be seen and both its pose and its expression perfectly reflect the sight in the game.

Pack Cuphead & Mugman (B & W)

In addition to the three previous figures, and on the occasion of the Comiccon of New York, will also put on sale a pack that will include the figures of the two heroes of Cuphead with a finish in Black and white (rather in scale gray) that will give them an extra point of retro look.

‘Cuphead’ is now available on Xbox One and PC through the digital stores of Windows 10 PC, Steam and GOG, offering a classic adventure in which the spectacular art section and the fighting against the spectacular final bosses take full advantage. In fact, its launch trailer makes it very clear.

At VidaExtra we already offered our final impressions and even we could play together with our readers recently, making it clear that despite its appearance is much more difficult than it seems. Of course, playing in company helps a lot. Have you already looked for a Mugman for this adventure?

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