Gears 5 confirmed! It will arrive in 2019 and it has a tremendous look [E3 2018]

Although Walmart already warned us, and did not have the surprise factor, the return of the saga ‘Gears of War’ has been one of the bombings of the colossal Microsoft conference: ‘Gears 5’, the fifth installment numbered of the saga that officially leaves aside the last two words of his name, it is official and it is already possible to see how well it looks.

In ‘Gears 5’ we are promised the world of the greatest and most beautiful ‘Gears’ saga ever created. In addition, and maintaining the traditions, it will be possible to play both solo and with a friend to split screen or online. As for what we can expect technically, the game can be seen in 4K resolution and 60 FPS. Nothing bad

In addition, Microsoft has accompanied the presentation trailer with a new cinematic advance in which we will see the protagonists of this new iteration of the saga.

But this is not the only ‘Gears’ that Microsoft has in hand: along with the fifth installment of the main series has announced the arrival of ‘Gears POP!’ On mobile, a spin off starring versions of the heroes of the saga transformed into Funko’s well-known dolls.

It is planned that both ‘Gears 5’ and ‘Gears POP!’ are available in 2019, being part of the first of the Xbox One Game Pass and Play Anywhere proposals and the Windows Ecosystem PC.

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