Impressions: FIFA 18, Looks Amazing and Feels Faster

After the success of its previous FIFA 17 with its 22 million copies sold, it was only a matter of time before we knew more about the new release of this annual saga. It was not revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo would preside over the cover of FIFA 18, but that until the EA event we would not know more about the game.

The update of the most sold soccer saga

At the end of March we attended an event in which the company showed us a lot of the news that included the title, but that will continue to be revealed throughout the summer in preparation for its launch in September. If you remember FIFA 17 something was due to the introduction of a new engine that had pushed DICE very far, the Frostbyte 2, and those responsible for developing FIFA at that time were more engineers. This time, the team already has more experience with the engine, and they will show it.

We were shown a visual comparison between a player in his previous edition and between that of this year the difference is brutal. In addition, we are told that the lighting system has been redone and the stadiums have been graphically improved. After showing us the first images in game, I can confirm that FIFA 18 looks incredible.

EA has done the homework

FIFA 18 is ambitious, and supposes nothing more and nothing less than the biggest jump in gameplay level in the history of the franchise. Each player has his personality, as well as the stadiums and teams. It pursues an emotional connection of the player with the game, which will be achieved thanks to different news. The developers have decided to place them in four concrete fields, which I proceed to explain.

First, though perhaps at a more technical level, players are no longer moved by step animations as in previous installments, where they had to complete one animation before starting another and saw very rare reactions. In FIFA 18 the animation is done by pictures, so it will be more fluid and agile than ever.

With that pretension of capturing the personality of the players, they teach us that they took Cristiano Ronaldo and made a motion capture, which shows us his character in FIFA 18 and we see that he moves like him. Is incredible. In this field of animation, we must mention that not all players will be captured at this level, although the most famous, but there will be 6 sets of animations that will be distributed in two variables: height and wingspan. On the one hand, if it is lower, medium or high, and if it has a thin or strong complexion, thus making the total of the animations. This is very noticeable when watching a player running next to another, so that at last all players are no longer the same.

The dribbling system has also been redone, with new animations and interactions, and those players who are really good at doing so will have a big advantage over others who are not. They tell us that it will really notice when we control a player who is good at it.

Good Changes

Second, the teams, which have been one of the focus of EAS to be well characterized. Now they will have their own game styles (like the mythical tiki taka) that will vary according to whether they are in attack or defense. Also mentioning the novelty of making changes of players during the game without needing to access the game menu, is much faster.

Centers, goals marvel, passes filtered, boleas … finally it will be possible to do it in FIFA 18 as third great group of news. With certain buttons we can make some of the mythical plays in the history of football, as well as certain plays in defense. We are told that a tutorial will be included in order to learn how to do these things.

Finally, what they have decided to title as the atmosphere. They want to collect the unique of each stadium, regionalizing them and showing details of the area where the stadium is or its afiction. There is the already mentioned new lighting system and a series of tweaks to the crowd that is watching the party that will no longer be so uniform. We are taught the Vicente Calderón with all these new features and it is spectacular. In another order, Alex Hunter returns in The Journey, which will continue the adventures of the player as a sequel. It will be endowed with 6 chapters with specific objectives and finally you will be able to personalize Alex with tattoos, hairstyles, clothes and hair. It confirms the appearance of new characters (and Cristiano Ronaldo), the guarantee that we will have to make difficult decisions that will ramify the story and even a local multiplayer with new playable characters.

I can confirm that the game looks luxurious, mind-blowing, and feels faster than ever.

FIFA 18 will launch on September 21 for Xbox One, September 26 will be the reserves and September 29 will be launched worldwide.


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