The impressive evolution of the Monster Hunter saga in a 10-minute video

There is a stretch of almost fourteen years between the first ‘Monster Hunter’ that came to PS2 and the more than expected ‘Monster Hunter World’ that will mark the return of the saga to desks and desks. And although the premise and the game mechanics have hardly changed at that time, there is a constant that encompasses all deliveries: squeeze the possibilities of each system to offer an epic hunt.

As we could see in our gameplay, the hardware of PS4, Xbox One and PC it feels great to a saga that had already taken full advantage of Nintendo laptops over the past years: Something that is apparent in the latest video of Evolution’s trajectory Channel.

The most recent video of this YouTube channel dedicated to review the visual evolution of the sagas offers us a tour of all the versions and platforms in which Capcom has released one of its star licenses: from its beginnings on PS2 and PSP to deliveries most recent for 3DS edited during the last years.

In fact, we can not ignore their more than successful adaptations to mobile devices and smartphones, although the most striking are those oddities played by felynes who did not get to leave Japan and include from a variant of the ‘Super Puzzle Fighter II’ to a crazy recreational racing on the back of the funny little pigs in the saga.

Of course, the highlight of this video is in the last bars of it: after seen in the port of ‘Monster Hunter XX’ for Nintendo Switch, the finish of the monsters, stages and hunters of ‘Monster Hunter World’ looks even more impressive.

Now, it is fair to say that the visual section ceased to be a claim to the prolific saga of Capcom for years, focusing the weight of its proposal to the looting system and the epic battles against spectacular beasts.

However, as of January 26, 2018 we can enjoy that ARPG experience that has convinced millions of players with a new aspect adapted to the possibilities of Xbox One, PS4 and later on PC without renouncing a technical section that Give us the eye Why choose when you can have it all?

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