Inside and Limbo Will Arrive Together on Xbox One and PS4 on September 19

The Danish studio PlayDead has so far only offered two titles, but it is unquestionable that both ‘Limbo’ and ‘Inside’ are two masterpieces, and if you have not yet decided to give them a chance at desserts, 505 Games It will make it even easier.

PlayDead and 505 Games have announced that from next September we will be able to get to these top indie scene referrals through the PlayDead Adventure Pack, a tempting double pack for Xbox One and PS4 with some added bonuses in shape Of-a-kind.

Despite its visual simplicity and simplicity of control, both the ambience and the experience that Limbo proposed made it one of the unquestionable detonators of the current indie boom, something that would soon result in a success in criticism and sales.

A formula that would be expanded and perfected in ‘Inside’, which went on sale during the second half of last year and competed very worthy to become the game of the year 2016 in all official ceremonies and events, becoming one Of the essentials of a particularly prolific year.

Two great proposals, suitable to warm the environment while waiting for your next project, which we already have a first illustration.

This PlayDead Adventure Pack is expected to go on sale on September 12 in North America and from the 14th of the same month it will reach the stores on the old continent at a reasonable 30 euros. In fact, it is worth remembering that at the moment it is possible to download a demo of ‘Inside’ in the different digital stores and that is downgraded to 40% in PC due to the sales on Steam.

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