Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Will be Available for Download on Steam on July 20

One of the game modes that was not available in ‘Just Cause 3’ was one dedicated to multiplayer. However, the user community wanted to remedy it to the point where a group of fans, called Nanos GbR, came together to create a mod that adds a multiplayer mode to the action title of Avalance Studios.

Since last December a beta could be downloaded to give us an idea of ​​the work that these users had done so far, but now they have officially announced that the final version of this mod can be downloaded for free on Steam from July 20 .

This multiplayer mode will not be a normal and current, but will provide a lot of activities that will invite us to return to the island of Medici without hesitation. For example, you can compete against other people in car races or participate in aerial combat between all people within the server.

Of course it will be necessary to have a copy of ‘Just Cause 3‘ to enjoy it.

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