Just Cause 4 is announced with this fabulous trailer full of shots, explosions and tornadoes! [E3 2018]

The leaks that have occurred these days, especially this morning with their first images, left no room for doubt, but if there was still some distrustful, at the Microsoft conference of E3 2018 has officially announced the development of ‘Just Cause 4 ‘.

As we saw in the screenshots, Rico Rodríguez will be back in action in this new installment developed by Avalanche Studios. On this occasion he will have to face The Black Hand, a private armada cataloged as the most powerful in the world, making it clear that the game will place our protagonist in the most challenging war of all in which he has been involved.

As it could not be otherwise, explosions and shootings will be the order of the day, in addition to having the ability to drive several vehicles, fly through the air and, ultimately, mess brown in the best way possible. Of course, Rico will be on this occasion with atmospheric phenomena such as giant tornadoes that will surely put you in more than one predicament.

The launch of ‘Just Cause 4’ is expected for December 4 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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