Kingdom Hearts III Definitely Sets its Launch For 2018 Featuring a Gameplay of Toy Story

It has suffered delays, doubts about whether it would arrive this year, the next or later, but finally Square Enix has been able to provide an approximate date for the release of ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ and has assured that it will arrive once and for all at some point 2018, failing to confirm the exact month and day.

This has been revealed by Tetsuya Nomura at the D23 Expo that is taking place in Anaheim, although there are not any surprises left. To date has also been added the presentation of one of the new worlds to be covered during the adventure and will be one based on the great series of films of ‘Toy Story’.

A new gameplay has been distributed on the occasion of this announcement in which we can see Sora, Donald and Goofy transform into toys and join forces with Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the other mythical protagonists of these feature films created by Pixar. In addition, the video serves to see some of the new mechanics or attacks that Sora will use with his keyblade.

Throughout this world will visit Andy’s room and the exteriors of the house, with a design very faithful to the movies, and also a toy store in which Sora can use a giant robots to attack the enemies. The good thing is that now we know that it will be only a matter of months that we get to see all this ourselves when ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ reaches PS4 and Xbox One.

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