Konami Bets Strong on Virtual Reality with Zone of the Enders: The 2nd MARS Runner [TGS 2017]

The last time we talked about a new ‘Zone of the Enders’ was in the distant 2013, confirming that the remastered compilation for PS3 was preceded by a supposed continuation of the saga. Since then, Konami has limited their launch and Kojima’s departure also did not make clear the announcement of ‘Z.O.E’ … so far.

Now, the Tokyo Game Show 2017 has started strong and touches talk of the return of the crazy flying saucers of Konami. And although this is a new version of the first installment, the new format is more than suggestive: ‘Zone of the Enders: The 2nd MARS Runner’ is the next great Konami project for PS VR.

This revision of the original ‘Zone of the Enders’ will be able to play from beginning to end in Virtual Reality mode, but also new features have been promised for players who already had the opportunity to play it on PS2 or PS3.

As expected, the technical section has been refined: the graphics have been updated to offer a resolution of 4K and the sound section has also been redesigned adding a sound appropriate for current generation systems.

This new perspective not only brings us closer to a much more interesting Virtual Reality project on the part of Sony thanks to the sum of the games of Bethesda, ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ or ‘Ace Combat 7’, further consolidating the catalog of PS VR in the spring of 2018.

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