Krilin, Piccolo and the Androids 16 and 18 Show Their Best Hits in Dragon Ball FighterZ in Two New Gameplay [GC 2017]

If we had to choose the best trailer for the Gamescom 2017, one of the great candidates to opt for that title would be ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’, which has officially confirmed the latest additions to the awaited fighting game, in addition to its date Release or its collector’s edition.

Those attending the event that is taking place these days in Cologne are being lucky to try a demo with the 11 characters that have been released so far, including Krilin, Piccolo and the N16 and N18 Androids. At least we can quench our desire to get the game with the two new gameplay that have published IGN and TGN Anime.

In both are fighting different combats between all these characters of the series created by Akira Toriyama, but what really matters is to see in action for the first time these last fighters who have joined the squad, highlighting the fact that Android No. 17 Will also appear helping the No. 18 Android in some of its most powerful blows.

As we pointed out this morning, Krilin will be able to use techniques like Kakusadan or Kienzan, in addition to Taiyōken, although in the gameplay they do not allow him to execute it at all. Meanwhile, Piccolo will try to shatter others with the Makankōsappō, while to Android No. 16 we can see him using a technique that never came to run in the series as is Self Destruction, as they took the pump built into his body, But in the game you will be left with a stroke of life if you successfully use it.

The videos also allow us to keep an eye on the new revealed scenarios, such as the City of the West or the ring of the Cell tournament. The good news is that perhaps some of you who read us will have the opportunity to test all this before ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ‘ goes on sale in February, since from now you can point to its beta that will start mid of September.

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