Mega Maker is The Unofficial Level Editor That Capcom Would Like Have

There is no shortage yet that no one is encouraged to imitate the formula Super Mario Maker and adapt one of its classics to the same format, although it seems popular enough that a team of seven people has decided to create Mega Maker, a Mega Man Level Editor to be released on July 15.

Mega Maker has 46 enemies, 29 level objects, 12 bosses, 24 special weapons, 40 backgrounds, 129 tilesets and 63 songs to form new Mega Man classic levels. You do not have to envy Mario Maker, of course.

“In addition to that,” explains the people responsible, “there is an interactive tutorial that helps you get started, various levels of quality that serve as an example, customization of your game profile, the ability to rate other people’s levels, And other things to discover.

It is a tremendous project that surely is already in the spotlight of Capcom; It is difficult to know if the Japanese company will want to knock it down (as they say in Polygon, it is not always the case: an unofficial Ace Attorney did go to the canvas, but there is a Mega Man created by fans that came out this year and is still available) So it will be necessary to fasten the glove when it leaves, so that it can happen. It’s free, of course.

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