Monster Hunter Stories Premieres Trailer and Demo in European eShop

If yesterday we talked about the arrival of the demo of ‘Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch‘, today plays the same with one of the most interesting spin-offs in the saga of beasts and hunters Capcom. Now, ‘Monster Hunter Stories’ is not exactly a continuation of the saga: this time, the monsters will be our allies.

The essence of ‘Monster Hunter Stories’ will be the link between our character, who will continue the legacy of the legendary Riders; And its Otomon (mounts), which will allow us to delve into an open world full of mysteries and creatures of all sizes and colors under a rather more relaxed aesthetic compared to the rest of deliveries of ‘Monster Hunter’.

In this case, the exploration of the wide map that we will have at our disposal, the combats by turns and the rearing of new creatures will lay the foundations of a different proposal within the saga itself, but that bet by a formula very familiar and that does not him Feel nothing wrong with the universe created by Capcom.

Moreover, whether you are a fan of the saga that bet more for a continuist line, as if it is the first time that you are interested in a game of the series ‘Monster hunter’ already you can base your impressions through the finished free demo To reach the 3DS European eShop.

Monster Hunter Stories includes creatures seen in the main installments of the series and some unique monsters that we can discover, breed and even measure their combat skills against other users in local and online battles; With the extra added that you can take your progress to the final version of the game that will be released on September 8th.

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