Monster Hunter XX for Switch Shows the Hunter’s Life in a New Trailer and Announces a Demo in Japan

This month, the adaptation of ‘Monster Hunter XX’ for Nintendo Switch will be released in Japan, and Capcom has begun to prepare the ground for its launch to be a success; Which includes offering an interesting remittance of news and even a new trailer with which to boast of the visual aspect improved after its passage through 3DS.

The trailers of the Monster Hunter series are usually epic, and although we will see enormous creatures or a soundtrack that invites us to adventure, the theme of the video is the life of the Hunter. And yes, the trailer itself anticipates that we must take a lot if we want to face the greatest creatures, and obtaining formidable equipment and improvements for the weapon in the process.

As expected, Capcom has done its homework and ‘Monster Hunter XX’ will take advantage of Switch’s capabilities for more than just improving the textures and finishes with respect to the version already available: from the start, Joy Con will vibrate when there’s a monster on And the HD Rumble of each command will be used to feel the attacks in-game (being able to disconnect that benefit if we are not interested).

In addition the new arrangement of buttons will allow us to zoom in on the maps and we will have a simpler and more effective keyboard access if we choose to make use of the touch screen of Switch, which will be of enormous help in communicating with the rest of Our hunting team if we prefer online raids between several players. Will we see a new game compatible with the Switch app?

In terms of content, it has been announced that – as is tradition – the game will be accompanied by numerous extras and crossovers, including DLCs with costumes inspired by the saga ‘Fire Emblem’ and ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’, whose Exit is scheduled after the launch of the game. And speaking of the departure of ‘Monster Hunter XX’: Capcom has made official that on August 10 we will have a special demo of the game from the Japanese eShop.

This demo will give us the possibility to face creatures like Great Maccao, Barioth or Valphalk through three different missions. Of course, it is also the perfect time to remember that Switch does not have Regional Blocking and that, in addition, we will only need to have (or create) a Nintendo account based in Japan to download it in our console.

‘Monster Hunter XX’ for Nintendo Switch will go on sale in the country of the samurai on August 25, and fifteen days before will be available in the Japanese eShop the demo of the game for anyone who has an account associated with the Region of Japan … and desire to join an epic fighter.

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