This is Morphies Law, the Crazy 3D Shooter in Which You Steal Body Mass to Your Enemies With Bullets

The Nindies Showcase has reinforced Switch’s catalog with timeless indie classics such as ‘Super Meat Boy’, long awaited returns like ‘Travis Strikes Again!’ And some proposals that have left us completely ojipláticos, and the shooter ‘Morphies Law’ unquestionably enters the latter group.

Developed by Swiss studio Cosmoscope, although with a clear inspiration in Mexican culture, ‘Morphies Law’ is presented as a Shooter starring robots where our goal will not be to eliminate our enemies, but steal their body mass. Put another way: we will extract parts of your body by shooting them, improving our abilities, but also making us more visible.

The game bets on combats of 4 vs.4 in which the winning team will be the one that has obtained more mass in total, becoming an alternative to the modes of combat by elimination of the genre and following a philosophy very similar to the view in ‘ Splatoon 2 ‘, only in more vertical environments.

The game system will be adapted to traditional game modes such as Team Deathmatch, but we are also promised unique game modes based on the game mechanics themselves. And yes, we can become huge titans capable of metal.

They say that the big fish eats the boy and it seems that something similar happens between robots. For the moment, ‘Morphies Law’ will be available this winter in Nintendo Switch, with a confirmed version for PC.

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