Nappa In The New Trailer of Dragon Ball FighterZ That Reviews His Techniques

Nappa and Captain Ginyu have been the last characters in ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ that have been confirmed. Both of us have been able to see so far in some other image that Bandai Namco has published, but what really matters is to see them in motion and to see better how they will look in this game in charge of Arc System Works.

That is why has come to light a new trailer completely dedicated to Nappa in which leaves poor Yamcha somewhat battered with his most characteristic techniques and we have been able to see also in the anime series or manga when he came to Earth along with Vegeta in the early chapters of ‘Dragon Ball Z’.

One of the most powerful, which is precisely the one that appears in the image of the news, is with which it raises two of its fingers and runs the Volcanic Explosion, capable of completely destroying a city and leaving it to ashes. And the one that will be his most devastating attack will be Kappa, with whom he will launch a devastating energy beam from his mouth. On the other hand, he can summon the Saibamen to give him a hand during the combat.

Nappa will demonstrate in ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ‘ that he will not need to become a Super Saiyan to shatter any of his opponents, something that players can achieve on January 26 when it goes on sale on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC with several different editions.

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