The new Devil May Cry HD Collection trailer warns that the first installment can be played for free with Twitch Prime

The compilation ‘Devil May Cry HD Collection’ was originally published in the last generation and Capcom plans to publish it again with an improved version for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that will arrive next March. So that we do not forget him, he has published a new trailer that leaves us with several of the scenes of these action games pure and simple.

But the video keeps another very interesting surprise at the end for all those who have a subscription to Twitch Prime. As you can see all users who are subscribed to this payment service will have the opportunity to download the first ‘Devil May Cry’ for PC since February 27.

The promotion is only temporary and for this it is necessary to have the Twitch Desktop application installed on the computer, from which you can play this installment by claiming the prize through the official Twitch page, which will come from pearls for Learn how the popular saga starring Dante began.

For its part, ‘Devil May Cry HD Collection’ we remember that it will include the remastering of ‘Devil May Cry’, ‘Devil May Cry 2’ and ‘Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening – Special Edition’ with updated graphics, at 60 fps and all this and much more for 29.99 euros from March 13.

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