This Is The New Dualshock 4 Special Edition Sunset Orange

As if it were not enough with the last command licensed by Sony announced by Nacon for PS4, as well as the official @Play and Hori, today we have a new special edition of Dualshock 4. In this case, as you can see in the images, comes in orange color. Sunset Orange, to be more exact.

It actually combines orange and purple, which gives a rather suggestive touch, and will be available from next November 14 at a recommended price of 64.99 euros. Take a look at the gallery:

It includes a redesigned touch panel, as already happens with the Crystal Dualshock, thanks to which it incorporates a new light bar that can serve to indicate diverse situations depending on the game. Otherwise it is like a standard 4 Dualshock: wireless (although it can also be connected with USB cable), vibration motors, rechargeable battery, integrated speaker, headphone jack, etc.

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