The new gameplay of Monster Hunter World shows us a fierce battle against the powerful Nergigante

This weekend is celebrating the event Jump Festa in Japan and some companies have taken the opportunity to show new materials of the games they are developing, including Capcom with ‘Monster Hunter World’ to leave us with a new gameplay of just over six minutes .

The first few minutes are dedicated to the personalization of the character when configuring his equipment and weapons and also to the exploration of one of the first areas of the game, but the really important thing is that in the video they go hunting for the fearsome Nergigante, one of the ancient dragons and one of the most fearsome monsters that has been introduced in this new installment for the first time.

In just a few seconds the giant creature unleashes several of its most devastating attacks, although it must be recognized that the player at the controls does not defend anything bad and even at a moment of the battle is able to climb the backs of this dragon to hit him without stopping. Of course, it does not seem that there is too much effect and we are left with the question of whether he could defeat the Nergigante or not.

Those who will be able to test their ability to hunt monsters are all PlayStation 4 players after having recently confirmed that an open beta will be enabled on December 22. The rest should wait until ‘Monster Hunter World’ goes on sale on January 26 on Xbox One and PS4 and later, on a date to be determined, on PC.

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