New Nintendo 2DS XL, Hey! Pikmin and Miitopia New Trailers

Next week Nintendo 3DS will be the main protagonist in the world of video games on the occasion of the arrival of the New Nintendo 2DS XL, the new model of the Nintendo laptop that will abandon the 3D effect, although the large size of the screens and The power that will present will make us enjoy better than ever of their games.

Due to its imminent launch, Nintendo wanted to distribute a new trailer that makes a quick review of its design, which I personally recognize that I love, along with some of the titles that will hit stores the same day.

One of those games is’ Hey! Pikmin ‘, which has also published another video as an advertisement in which we see a mother and her son enjoy together the new adventure of Captain Olimar in 2D. In it, not to miss the custom, it will be necessary to use the Pikmin of different colors to overcome obstacles or also to defeat the enemies.

Finally, ‘Miitopia’ will be another one of those games that will be available from next week, which is an RPG in which the protagonists are the Mii of the user and those of his friends, with the possibility of Select twelve different classes to retrieve the faces of the characters that have stolen an evil demon.

Both New Nintendo 2DS XL and these new games will go on sale on July 28, which will be the best possible way to launch the new Nintendo laptop.

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