New Nintendo 3DS Production Ends in Japan

Nintendo has announced the end of production of New Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The news has been given on the official website of the company and focuses on the standard model; New Nintendo 3DS XL will continue to be manufactured as normal.

“The decision,” the company confirmed, “has been taken on the basis of the demand for product and the amount of sales of each model” and only affects Japan. In Europe and other regions both New Nintendo 3DS and XL will continue to be manufactured as normal.

New Nintendo 3DS went on sale in February 2015, four years after the original 3DS came out. This hardware upgrade slightly improved the power of the console and added “new controls – lever C and ZL / ZR -, a super-stable 3D function thanks to facial tracking technology, and the NFC system, which allows communication With amiibo figures.

His announcement was controversial due to the existence of exclusive games for New Nintendo 3DS, which did not work on the original hardware. The most famous cases were Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, but also are exclusive of the model New Super Nintendo games of the Virtual Console. The last exclusive (there are nine, in total) is Scoop’n Birds, which was published in April this year; As in the case of Futuridium EP Deluxe, the exclusivity is due to Unity, which is not compatible with the original 3DS.

In addition to the smaller size, the normal New Nintendo 3DS has a peculiarity: you can change the case to customize it. It sounds like the kind of nonsense that should boom the Japanese public, but it does not seem to be.

This same month goes on sale New Nintendo 2DS XL, another revision that fuses the greater benefits and extra controls of New 3DS XL with the absence of 3D effect in the upper screen and cheaper materials of Nintendo 2DS.

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