Nintendo Celebrates the Launch of the Mini SNES With a Super Trailer

The Beast’s brain has returned since the nineties and in mini format with 20 essential games pre-installed plus the unprecedented – and exclusive – ‘Star Fox 2’. But beyond what the Mini SNES keeps under its casing, for many of us will be a reunion with an old friend who accompanied us countless evenings and nights of addiction, revenge, power ups and adventures.

In fact, to celebrate its launch Nintendo has offered a new trailer that does not disguise the aesthetic noventera: crazy forms everywhere, gaudy colors and a background theme that would have the approval of the Prince of Bel-Air.

Nintendo repeats the mini NES masterpiece with a nostalgic console from the first minute and two commands to retake our games of ‘Super Mario Kart’, ‘Street Fighter II Turbo‘ or ‘Donkey Kong Country’ with our friends, family and a new generation of players who, if considered a cracks in the Dark Souls III, are going to hallucinate gherkins with ‘Super Ghouls N Ghosts’

What’s more, in order to make sure you do not miss anything on this trip to the past, Nintendo has scanned and shared all the original manuals of the included games, created a brand new one for ‘Star Fox 2’ and even shared a more than 130 pages (in English) of Earthbound. Of course, we can also have them on hand from our mobile phone through a QR code that will be displayed in the console menu.

In GamerInsiders we have offered our final impressions on the console and even we have become nostalgic, remembering our first games with the 16-bits of Nintendo. What a weekend of memories and hadoukens awaits us.

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