The Nintendo Switch Version of Resident Evil: Revelations Will Feature Two Exclusive Mini-Games

We already knew that the version of ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ that will arrive at Nintendo Switch will not be identical to the other systems because it will make use of all the functions of the Joy-Con, like its motion sensor or the vibration HD, but now Capcom has revealed that those will not be the only surprises we will encounter.

Users of the Nintendo console will enjoy two exclusive minigames with a very retro touch and 8-bit graphics. The first of these is ‘Ghost Ship Panic’, in which enemies will appear from the top of the screen and will move vertically, so we must shoot them to finish them before they reach the bottom .

The second minigame seems more fun and above all it will bring us great memories because it is ‘Ghouls’ n Homunculi ‘, a clear homage to the classic’ Ghouls ‘n Ghosts’, although this one will be starring Barry Burton. Playing both will earn points that can be redeemed in Raid mode.

The release of ‘Resident Evil: Revelations Collection’ will be produced in physical format on Nintendo Switch on November 28 for 39.99 euros and it will include a physical copy of the first installment and a digital code from its sequel ‘Resident Evil : Revelations 2 ‘. The other option will be to purchase any of them from the eShop, although in this case they will be distributed individually.

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