Nintendo World Championships Returns: Participants can Test Super Mario Odyssey and Metroid: Samus Returns

Decades before ‘League of Legends’, ‘Starcraft’ or ‘Call of Duty’ filled stadiums, Nintendo bet very hard to turn digital entertainment into a great competitive show with the ‘Nintendo World Championships’, a championship in which players Of all North America measured their skills with the best games of the Great N. And this year there are reasons to spare for a new edition.

Nintendo has not only announced that the Nintendo World Championships 2017 will be held next October, but that the first qualifying rounds will be spread out in eight locations in the United States and will begin on August 19.

In fact, the process to pass the stage is simple: just fill out a form, go to the Best Buy establishments where the qualifiers will be held and make the best possible time on a circuit of ‘Super Mario Kart 7’ for 3DS. Of course, as in most competitions organized by Nintendo, there will be two age ranges: participants who are 12 years old or less and any user older than 13 years.

In addition, and as an extra incentive, all those involved in the qualifying stages will be able to try out ‘Super Mario Odyssey‘ in Switch and ‘Metroid: Samus Returns’ in 3DS and, by the way, receive 100 platinum points for the My Nintendo program.

Now, the big prize will be to occupy one of the squares to compete in the ‘Nintendo World Championships 2017’ that will take place on October 7 at the Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom in New York.

At the moment it is not known what will be the selection of titles that will be part of the big event, although, as a curiosity, one of the incentives to follow closely the Nintendo World Championships is that – traditionally – the Great N has taken advantage to offer a Advancement of a surprise game that would serve to the participants to jump from the same conditions. What’s more, in the last ‘Nintendo World Championships’ held, that game was ‘Super Mario Maker’.

Beyond the glory, the classified ones of the first ‘Nintendo World Championships’ could take home silver and gold cartridges whose current value is difficult to calculate.

The fact is that both Switch and 3DS have reinforced their catalogs with great competitive proposals like ‘ARMS’, ‘Mario kart 8 Deluxe’, ‘Splatoon 2’, ‘Mario Sports Superstars’ and even the games of’ Pok√©mon Sol And Luna ‘What plans will Nintendo have to surprise us with this year’s edition?

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